At Tratif, we believe in
Software Craftsmanship

Our Services

we specialize in

Web applications

  • Responsive web applications
  • Interactive, rich user interfaces
  • Single Page Applications

Back-end systems

  • Java and JVM custom solutions
  • Implementation of complex business domains
  • Event driven systems
  • Highly scalable solutions

Enterprise solutions

  • Integration architecture
  • Reliable, fault tolerant platforms
  • Integrations with social media systems
  • Web services design

Case studies

Identity Management Platform

We have created a backend system for processing multimodal biometric identification requests, including fingerprint, face and iris recognition. The main challenge was to provide a solution for multiple end customers from high variety of business domains, differing in specific requirements (such as type of collected data, language & alphabets, data processing workflows etc.). At the same time we had to deal with highly secure on-premises installations for end-customers.

We provided highly configurable event-driven solution, automatic provisioning and deployment for both single-machine demo installations as well as multi-node production systems


"We needed additional support to finalize our project. Deadlines were very demanding and Tratif team helped us to deliver it on time. They promptly got familiar with the project and delivered missing functionalities. I highly recommend Tratif as they can quickly provide a high quality solution. I would welcome the opportunity to work with Tratif again."

Roman Barecki, CEO

Boiling Frogs

"Boiling Frogs is the largest software craftsmanship conference in Poland. Over 1,000 attendees expect the highest quality, so we needed tools which would enable us to coordinate the Call For Papers process and to build the agenda for the conference. The challenges included:

  1. Maximum simplicity for the end users (potential speakers submitting their proposals)
  2. Effective way of processing the data by the agenda committee
  3. Ability to handle load peeks (as most of the submissions are sent near the Call For Papers deadline)

Tratif provided a software system which has been adjusted to our business model. The most appreciated part of the cooperation was the ability to tailor the solution to our needs, help in setting up the infrastructure and the support during the live production operations."

Marta Fudali, CEO

Why Tratif?
frequently asked questions

Highest quality

We belive that keeping the highest quality of software is the key to success. In order to achieve that, we offer highly-skilled teams of experienced experts. We can also help you to lead or extend your own development team.

Full development cycle

Software development is much more than just programming. Besides coding we offer our support in all development aspects such as server infrastructure, on-site deployments and long-term support.

Experience with legacy projects

Having years of experience, we are also aware that real-world project environments are sometimes far from ideal. We know how to deal with technical debt and we will be glad to help you manage it and improve health of your project.

Proof of Concepts & prototyping

If you are a startup founder or you are facing challenging deadlines for any reason, we can offer fast proof of concept development. We can advise you on which elements of the full development cycle you can skip or postpone.

Demo iteration for you!

We are ready to prove our value and therefore offer you a sample iteration (a "sprint" in Scrum nomenclature) of software development. Just 2 weeks are enough for us to deliver some real value for you and show the difference between us and other software houses.

Open Source
OSS is the foundation of our solutions

We base our solutions on Open Source Software. Thanks to that, our Clients can benefit from highest quality software without any additional licensing costs. We carefully avoid any vendor lock-ins, so that our Clients have full freedom of evolving their systems in the way that truly fits their needs.

We not only use OSS but also produce it. We share some of our software components on liberal OS licenses. They include, but are not limited to:

we are glad to share our knowledge

After several years of developing software and leading many development teams, we have established our unique (yet based on established standards) approach to software development.

We will be glad to help your team to get up to full speed and to improve its capability. We are ready to share our experience which can improve your very next software delivery.

Our offer includes in-house trainings, code audits, analysis & design sessions as well as setting up development environments (Git workflows, Continuous Integration & Delivery, automated tests etc.).

Our standard trainings include:

  • Git kata -- a training that can either show Git basics to junior developers or bring an experienced team to another level with advanced Git techniques and development workshops. Git kata is aimed for development teams and helps them to find their true potential (we believe that a team can have greater value than a simple sum of its members). It is much more than a typical "Git training": it is the most important meta-knowledge about professional software development
  • DDD by example -- a workshop that shows (by hands-on coding) all aspects of Domain Driven Design: from basic concepts of domain models to advanced concepts: aggregates, event sourcing and CQRS

If the list above does not contain what you need, then please feel free to contact us! We can prepare an offer tailored to your specific need.

We participate in many software conferences where we share our experience and knowledge. We encourage you to take a look on some of our presentations and talks:

join Tratif!

Currently we are looking for a Senior Java Developer:


  • Design and development of backend systems for our clients
  • Test and deployment automation

We expect

  • At least 4 years of commercial experience in software development
  • Experience with Java, Spring Framework, JPA, Maven, Git
  • Being familiar with OOP principles, unit testing
  • Ability to write clean code
  • Being familiar with Ansible is additional advantage
  • Experience with web development (e.g. building RESTful APIs)

We offer

  • Being a member of a self-organizing, highly-skilled, result-oriented team
  • Being involved in all aspects of software development
  • Working on a challenging project
  • Flat organisation structure
  • Flexible office hours
  • Internal workshops and trainings
  • Financing conference participation and professional certification
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