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Tratif provides solutions and services related to server-side software development. We have experience with migration to cloud, optimizing performance of existing (legacy) systems as well as security hardening.

Tratif offers custom software development in various business models (such as fixed price or time & material) as well as outsourcing of high-profile software professionals.

What can we do for you?

We offer professional software development in multiple cooperation models such as outsourcing, time and material and fixed price.


Our professionals are one of the most experienced developers, architects and designers on the market. We offer body leasing cooperation where they can join your development team. This helps with facing tight deadlines and organizing work of the team.

Backend systems at scale

We design software architecture that scales with your business. It is cheap to deploy and reacts to growing user demand. We build such systems from scratch as well as improve existing solutions to increase their performance.

Web applications

We develop responsive web applications with interactive, rich user interfaces. We design UI and UX of modern Single Page Applications.​

Enterprise solutions

We have vast experience with system integration and building extensions to large data processing systems. We can develop new features as well as conduct architecture and security audits. We apply modern solutions to improve performance and reliability of enterprise systems.


We are happy to advise and help with challenges related to software development. This includes audit of the software architecture, performance and security. This also includes optimization of the development workflow and related processes used by software teams.

Data analytics

We design and develop solutions that enable collection and analysis of data related to Customer's business. Software that we create gives business advantage through deep insight into data, which is the most valuable commodity nowadays.

How we work

Direct cooperation with the Customer is the key to success. We work in an agile way with short iterations that always deliver demonstrable value. We align and adjust our process to tailor it to your specific needs and way of working.

We have experience with both well-established international companies as well as startups. We understand that software development process differs between these types of customers.

We always want to learn about your business domain so that we can propose solutions that help optimizing it with software. We understand that business requirements change and build software that is flexible for changes and extensions that help witch chasing new opportunities.

Key aspects of our approach

Software architecture

Solid, based on established principles, and well documented software architecture is our specialty. It not only helps with delivering the product, but also gives you foundation for further development process.

Scalable deployments

Our systems may run with minimal hardware requirements to optimize costs. When the user demand is high, they can leverage new hardware to scale out. This includes Cloud solutions and auto-scaling.

Legacy code evolution

We value existing systems and even when they face challenges (such as low performance) we always find ways to re-use it without a full rewrite.

Long-term partnerships

We build offer a long term maintenance and support with adjusting them to changing business requirements.


We use modern technology to provide real business value. We select various open source tools to reduce cost and achieve great reliability.

    Backend Development

  • Java
  • Spring Framework
  • Node.JS

    Frontend Development

  • JavaScript
  • React

    DevOps Solutions

  • Docker
  • Kubernetes
  • AWS
  • Azure
Roman Borecki

"Tratif provided a software system that has been adjusted to our business model. The most appreciated part of the cooperation was the ability to tailor the solution to our needs, help in setting up the infrastructure and the support during the live production operations."

Marta Fudali
Marta Fudali

"We needed additional support to finalize our project. Deadlines were very demanding and Tratif team helped us to deliver it on time. They promptly got familiar with the project and delivered missing functionalities. I highly recommend Tratif as they can quickly provide a high quality solution. I would welcome the opportunity to work with Tratif again."

Our experience in numbers

Most of our developers are experts with more than 10 years of experience. Together, we form a team capable to deliver in fast, reliable, and predictable way.


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Michał Jankowski, CEO
Michał Jankowski, CEO
Tratif sp. z o.o.

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