Case Studies

Biometric Idenity

Biometric identity provides effortless and highly accurate biometric identification and verification. Biometric systems provide secure access to both physical locations as well as digital systems. With the global demand for security, these systems become the new standard for access control and many other aspects of traditional business.

National Criminal Registry

A web platform to enable access to the submission of questions and getting answers from the National Criminal Register (KRK) as well as from the European Criminal Records Information System (ECRIS) via the Internet. A web frontend and backend application which was integrated with the Ministry core systems and an online payment provider.

Boiling Frogs

Boiling Frogs is the largest software craftsmanship conference in Poland. Over 1,000 attendees expecting the highest quality every year. Due to cyclic nature of the event, the backing software must react to high peeks of load.

Frontend application extensions

ProLogistica Soft provides software for inventory management, automatization of purchasing and replenishment decisions. During one of their projects, they encountered an unexpected need to extend the existing frontend application in a very short period of time.