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Software Craftsmanship Conference

Boiling Frogs is the largest software craftsmanship conference in Poland. Over 1,000 attendees expecting the highest quality every year. Due to cyclic nature of the event, the backing software must react to high peeks of load.

The challenge

Due to cyclic nature of the event, the backing software must react to high peeks of load - most of the conference participants and speakers used the system just before deadlines. The processes must be reliable and highly-available. Multiple business processes were handled, including selling conference tickets, gathering submissions for presentation proposals and eventually agenda building. Since the system was open to public users it was crucial to achieve maximum simplicity. Due to large number of speakers submitting their proposals it is also imperative that agenda committee has good and clear insight into the content so that they can collaborate and share thoughts, elect the best submissions and easily contact the speakers.

Our approach

We leveraged cloud capability to achieve a scalable deployment strategy. We built a Single Page Application with a very rich UI and optimized user experience for agenda building process. Direct interaction with the client allowed us to tailor the solution to their specific needs. New system has been integrated with existing tools (such as CMS) used in client’s business processes. Thanks to that the cost has been optimized and the existing well-working solutions has been leveraged to allow rapid adoption of the new software.

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